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manuela macco
born in Biella, lives and works in Turin, Italy

1989/1996 University degree. Faculty of Art and Humanities, Turin University.
Thesis in History of Contemporary Art: Giorgina Lattes, cat. dell'opera, De Luca publishing house, Rome, 1998

residencies / grants 
2017 Malévoz quartier culturel, Monthey (CH)
2017 Xu space, Chongqing (CN)
2014 Fondazione La Fabbrica, Losone (CH)
2013 Centre artistique la Ferme Asile, Sion (CH)
2011 Wortwedding, Berlin (DE)
2008 Unidee in Residence, Fondazione Pistoletto, Biella (IT)

2008-2016 Macco-Salvini, artist collective
2012 Verifica intuitiva, with Audrey Cottin and Géraldine Gourbe, Fondazione Merz, Turin (IT)
2009 progetto aut/aut, with Guido Salvini, Turin (IT)

teaching experiencies selected
2017 Presence, workshop, Sichuan Fine Arts Institute, Chongqing (CN)
2015 workshop, École Supérieure d’Art, Annecy (FR)
2014 workshop, École Supérieure d’Art, Annecy (FR)
2014 workshop, Academy of Fine Arts, Turin (IT)
2013 Stare con I piedi per terra, workshop, PAV-Parco d’Arte Vivente, Turin (IT)
2013 workshop, Academy of Fine Arts, Turin (IT)
2010 Necessità del corpo, workshop, in collaboration with Paola Mongelli e Petra Probst, Turin (IT)
2008 The weight of the head, workshop, Fondazione Pistoletto, Biella (IT)
2008 Corpo-gesto-azione, workshop, CRUD, Turin University (IT)
2004 workshop, in collaboration with COSPE, Abu el Nomros, Giza, Cairo (EG)

curatorial projects
2011-16 torinoPERFORMANCEART project, Turin (IT)
2014 performanceart DAI !, Academy of Fine Arts, Turin (IT)
2013 From the body, performance and video group show, Marble Weeks, Carrara (IT)
2010 Noi 8.3, group show, Atelier Giorgi, Turin (IT)
2005 Attenzione, Fluxusatelier, Turin (IT)

talks / lectures 
2017  Xu space, Chongqing (CN)
2017 Sichuan Fine Arts Institute, Chongqing (CN)
2016 Art and anthropology: researching the process, Manuela Macco-Alicja Khatchikian, Xiaoguan-Chongqing (CN)

solo exhibitions / solo live performances 
2017 Manuela Macco. Black bag notes / 2010-2017, curated by Barbara Fragogna, Fusion Art Gallery, Turin (IT)
2014 Keep in touch, Atelier Giorgi, Turin (IT)
2014 Thread, Atelier Giorgi, Turin (IT)
2013 A rebours + Sur le bords du Rône, Centre Artistique Ferme Asile, Sion (CH)
2013 Keep in touch, Centre Artistique La Ferme Asile, Sion (CH)
2013 Off the wall + Sensitive self portrait , Maison des évolènards, Sion (CH)
2013 My personal daily training, Atelier Giorgi, Turin (IT)
2011 Untitled (In the corner), Pasajist, Istanbul (TR)
2011 Taci, anzi parla, NOPX/Limitededitionpics Gallery, Turin (IT)
2010 Dress, Macco and Salvini exhibition, Artunited Gallery, Viennabiennale, Vienna (AT)
2010 Dress, Atelier Soldina Galerie, Berlin (DE)

macco-salvini exhibitions
2017 Reverse direction-between space and actions, Xu space, Chongqing (CN)
2016 Overlaps #2, Galleria Moitre, Turin (IT)
2016 Overlaps #1, tpa, Galleria Moitre, Turin (IT)
2011 Without (Morning), wortwedding art space, Berlin (DE)
2008 L-EGO, Mar e partners Gallery, Turin (IT)

special projects selected 
2010 Taci, anzi parla (street live action), San Salvario, Turin (IT)
2009 Pin up (live action for two women), aut/aut, Fluxusatelier, Turin (IT)
2008 Weight-Head (live action), Video DiaLoghi, curated by Olga Gambari, Cinema Massimo, Turin (IT)
2008 The meeting 2 (street live action), Turin (IT)
2008 The meeting 2 (street live action), Biella (IT)
2008 The meeting 2 (live action), Fondazione Pistoletto, Biella (IT)
2008 The meeting 1 (street live action), Turin (IT)
2003 Equilibri (street live action), town hall, Turin (IT)

group exhibitions / performance art festival selected 
2017 Here, Cavallerizza Irreale, Turin (IT)
2016 Accatelier, Atelier Giorgi, Turin (IT)
2016 Keep the process warm, curated by Marc Giloux, Galerie Résidence du Fort Montauban, (FR)
2016 Here, Cavallerizza Irreale, Turin (IT)
2016 UP-ON International Art Festival, Chengdu (CN)
2016 Regeneration-Expansion Art Festival, Changjiang Contemporary Art Museum, Chongqing (CN)
2016 In Corpo IV, SetUp Contemporary art Fair, curated by Giovanni Gaggia, Bologna (IT)
2015 Progetto Albume, curated by Stefano Venezia, Cuneo (IT)
2015 XII Art Action Festival Harta Performing, curated by Nicola Frangione, Monza (IT)
2014 Performa Festival, Losone (CH)
2014 Fondazione La Fabbrica, Losone (CH)
2014 MPA-Berlin, Funkhaus, Berlin (DE)
2013 A.N.G.A.R, Occhieppo Superiore, Biella (IT)
2013 From the body, Marble Weeks, Carrara (IT)
2013 Noseland International Performance Art Festival (CH)
2013 MPA-Berlin, ACUD Galerie, Berlin (DE)
2013 Place à l’art performance, Paris (FR)
2012 Fondazione Peano, Cuneo (IT)
2012 MPA-Berlin, Atelier Soldina Galerie, Berlin (DE)
2012 IPA Festival, Piartworks Gallery, Istanbul (TR)
2011 48H Neukolln, Berlin (DE)
2010 Zooart, Cuneo (IT)
2010 project
2009 tina b. festival, Prague (CZ)
2009 Pass, Motorenhalle, Dresden (DE)
2008 Unidee in progress, Fond.Pistoletto, Biella (IT)
2008 More blind Mice, Turin (IT)
2003 Arte e Ambiente, Palazzo Cisterna, Biella (IT)
2003 Galleria San Filippo, Turin (IT)

video screenings selected
2017 After Festival, Moving Bodies Butoh & Live Art Festival, Teatro Espace, Turin (IT)
2015 Memorare, curated by Anna Clara di Biase, Antica Fornace, Ancona (IT)
2015 Hide and Seek, Fusion Art Gallery, Turin (IT)
2015 Psichic tv, curated by Decifra, Kilowat, Bologna (IT)
2014 Psichic tv, curated by Decifra, P.Ar.Co Casier, Treviso (IT)
2014 Variazioni Impreviste Festival, Padua (IT)
2013 From the body, Marble Weeks, Carrara (IT)
2013 Psichic tv, curated by Decifra, (In)kubo, Padua (IT)
2013 Expotizie Lacuna (1), Mezeul Zemsvei, Chisinau (MD)
2013 Psichic tv, curated by Decifra, Marghera, Venice (IT)
2012 Fondazione Peano, Artissima, Turin (IT)
2010 APID National Convention, Rome (IT)
2009 In 40 Years, Yafa Books, Tel Aviv-Juffa (IL)
2003 Filmfestival, Mestre (IT)

contemporary dance festivals selected
2012 Piattaforma Festival, Cavallerizza Reale, Turin (IT)
2007 Dance book, Circolo dei lettori, Turin (IT)
2007 Insoliti off Festival, Caffè del Progresso, Turin (IT)
2006 Piattaforma Festival, Cavallerizza Reale, Turin (IT)
2006 Il gesto e l'anima, Teatro Nuovo, Turin (IT)
2006 Insoliti Festival, Teatro Gobetti, Turin (IT)
2006 Valdapozzo Contemporary Dance Festival, Alessandria (IT)
2005 Piattaforma Festival, Teatro Caos, Turin (IT)
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